when that kpop fandom trended tags for days on end, raised $10k in less
than an hour, bought four whales and a star, and organized a silent and
online protest and more in less than a week to fight for thier Kpop boy
and his group and all Kpop idols mistreated before him

it’s time for a sleepover!


send me any of the below into my ask (anon or not!):

  • about your day
  • your real life crush
  • your tumblr crushes
  • your dreams
  • your favourite memory
  • an interesting fact about yourself
  • something you’re worried about
  • something you’re excited about
  • a confession
  • an embarrassing story
  • an unpopular opinion
  • my opinion on…
  • my advice on…
  • my top five…
  • have you ever…
  • would you rather…
  • any book/tv shows/movie/song recommendations
  • rants about random things that are bothering you
  • just anything…
  • literally anything!!!
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